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YouTube channels to inspire and relax

* Pick up Limes - Sadia is a dietitican and vegan. Her recipes are delicious, easy and full of nutrients. Her website is full of recipes as well.

*Simple Happy Zen - Vera is an upbeat Dutch blogger. Her vlog covers minimalism, self care and mental well being. She has a lot of great tips, has a website and produces a newsletter every Sunday.

*Lavendaire - Aileen produces a top-notch vlog about self-care, self-improvement and mental well being. She also has a website and newsletter, as well as a gorgeous daily journal for sale.

*The Minimalists - I cannot say enough good things about these guys. I watched their film on Netflix and I’ve been hooked on minimalism ever since - they’re funny, poignant and really attuned to the pitfalls of modern society. Their website features a ton of minimalism guides and their “Living Room Convresations” are quick little videos about questions from their viewers.

*Matt D-Avella - Matt is a minimalist and filmmaker and vlogger who discusses a ton of topics. His “30 days” series is really funny and on point. The vidoes he makes with his fiancee are hilarious (she is NOT a minimalist).

*Jessica Rose Williams - If you’ve ever dreamed of what it would be like to live in the English countryside and run about in beautiful clothing, this is your vlog. Jessica’s home is swoon-worthy and her channel showing her life in the English countryside is all the escapist things.

*Shelbizleee - Shelbi is a texas environmentalist and biologist. She started her channel showing how wasteful consumerism is by dumpster diving at Ulta and various other retail locations. She’s changed the format of her channel to feature anti-hauls (what not to buy) and tips on living a zero-waste lifestyle. She’s really funny and as a ton of great tips on reducing your footprint and saving the environment.

*Cruising the Cut - If you dream of living on board a boat cruising the canals of England, this is your channel. David quit his job, bought a canal boat and is living aboard and producing videos about his life on the waterways of England. He has a couple hundred epsiodes on his channel - prefect for binge-watching on a rainy day.

*Exploring Alternatives - another escapist channel where you can learn about living in some truly amazing and creative “homes” everythign from tiny houses to van life is shown here.

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