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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Why bother? It’s a question we all ask at one time or another.

A new book by Jen Louden is asking the question and giving us help in finding the answer. “Getting our bother on” is essential in these uncertain times. We need to bother - and in a big way - if we’re going to get through this!

This book is not a quick read - you will need to take it slowly and work through each section for yourself. I normally inhale books with alarming frequency, but this one is a “savor with a cuppa” kind of book. This book is funny and human and deep - you will think about things in new ways, guaranteed! I was granted an advance copy and I have been working through it every day - it has opened my eyes, escpecially now when all we have is time to think while we wait things out.

I normally don’t promote on my blog, but Jen is an amazing mentor and wonderful human being. I’ve been a member of her Oasis writer’s group for a while, and the group has given me the push of courage and support I needed to get out there and have my work be seen. Without them this blog might not exist.

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