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A change in the wind....

I have been suspiciously absent from my own blog for far too long, and for that I do humbly apologize. I have spent the past several months focusing on personal growth and creative output. In keeping with the spirit of that change, this blog will also be changing, perhaps dramatically. Some of you who liked the old blog may not enjoy the new one.

Earlier last year, I was able to satisfy my dream of writing for a few national publications, but I discovered as the pandemic wore on and my time was split between the farm, my "real" job and my family that I just wasn't really feeling the whole "folksy homesteading" thing anymore. I learned that my time is finite and valuable, so much so that I also realized that I needed to focus on what was truly important to me. While my recipes and stories helped people in the early days of a horrific situation, it just wasn't in a way that was "me". I found myself struggling to write the articles, feeling like a fraud every time I sat down to the page. There was just so much more I want to talk about, more that I wanted to do to help others. Sharing recipes and spinning yarns about my life here on the farm is all well and good, but these days I feel a stronger pull toward helping others to achieve their dreams. In fact, I have recently applied to work with a "dream team" to further their projects along in service of that goal of helping others grow. Whether I get the job or not, at least I know I put myself out there. And that is what I want to share with the world - the idea that "what" we are does not define "who" we are. The idea that even when the world is trying to shove us into a box that may or may not fit us, we can step out of those labels and discover who we truly are.

This blog is going to pivot quickly toward self-exploration and growth, toward sharing all of the lessons I have learned, as well as the resources that made it possible for me to arrive at the point I am at today. One year later and with the pandemic still dragging on, I am ready to let it all go and help as many people as I can. And so with that in mind, keep watching this blog as massive changes are on the way. There may still be an occasional farm story - ok, there will definitely be more farm stories - this place is a non-stop source of entertainment and life lessons. But, the recipes and older posts will still be available in the archives as I relaunch my blog. I hope that you, my readers, will stick with me and follow me on this journey. It is my sincerest wish to help everyone who reads this blog to grow and learn along with me.

Well, that's all for now...lazy dog and I wishing you peace and growth.

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