Did you ever wish you could escape the daily grind? Have you ever longed for a little cabin in the woods by a babbling brook? Have you ever wished you could have less stuff, more money and more time?
The grab and cuppa and pull up a chair. The Lazy Dog is ready to curl up on the sofa next to you. Come and join me as I relive past adventures, share recipes and tips, and bring you along on our latest projects and passions. 
The Lazy Dog is always along for the ride, and if you check out my Instagram, you’ll see daily pictures of him. He sleeps over eighteen hours a day, moving from room to room as we go about our day, occasionally eating and begging for cheese. We affectionately refer to him as a North American cheese hound, but he’s actually a Bulldog. He thinks he’s a more sporty breed - like a husky or a collie - as he jumps over fences and chases deer in the fields. He loves to watch TV when he’s not eating or sleeping, and shows about sled dogs are his favorite. 
The Lazy Dog Blog is the accumulation of over twenty years of self-sufficient living: from off grid rural life to heart of the city action, and everywhere in between. It is written and photographed by me, Dana. I’m a former technical writer who currently splits her time between writing and running a small software consulting company. I enjoy hiking in the woods, photography, travel and spending time with my family on our farm, The Lazy Dog Farm.


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